Story of the Piñata
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Story of the Pinata

For generations, the pinatas has been a part of Latin American festivities. But its origin dates back many centuries before the arrival of Spanish explorers on Mexican soil.

Mexican Indians fashioned the Pinata from a fragile earthen jar made especially to hold simple toys and favors. The were gaily decorated, some to look like the gods they worshipped, others to symbolize events.

The Pinatas soon gained favor with early Spanish explorers, and they began sending Pinatas to their motherlands of Spain and Portugal. The Pinata was on its way to becoming an international sign of the fiesta. Today, the children of Mexico follow the tradition started by their ancestors, joined by millions more around the world.


Playing the Pinata Game

The children form a circle around a Pinata, which is hung from the ceiling, one of their number stands in the center with his eyes blindfolded. He is given a stick and permitted three tries at breaking the Pinata. The other children, meanwhile, sing and dance around in a circle. If the first child doesn't succeed in breaking the Pinata, another child tries. When the Pinata is broken, causing a shower of gifts to pour down on the floor, the entire party makes a wild scramble to obtain shares of the treasure.

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